I love to teach and explore God’s Word! I am available to do this in several formats depending on your need.

Rise Up, Unleashed and Rest, Refresh, & Worship retreats each combine humor, deep biblical teaching, practical life application, and opportunities for interaction! I LOVE to present them! You can change their titles for your events while keeping the content the same. We can brainstorm that together!

“Thank you for the depth of your teaching, the encouragement and sincerity of your love, and your passion for God. We will never be the same.”
-Attendee in OR

I have had the privilege of offering these three retreats at various locations in the United States, to women of all ages, backgrounds and Christian denominations, and EVERY TIME we see the Spirit work through the material—because God’s Word, which is front and center—is living and active! These retreats work for groups big or small, with congregational row or round table seating! You can do whatever works best for your group or venue!

Read the retreat descriptions below, and then see which one may work best for you! I can do some minor customization of any of these for your specific theme or event. (Oh! And for Alliance Women in our Alliance family, any of these retreats work VERY well with our two-year theme!)

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It is easy to let the tyranny of the urgent get in the way of accomplishing the truly important! This retreat is designed to help EVERY woman see how God has wired her, how her story fits into the bigger Gospel story, and how she can be Unleashed to make a difference in her world! Her life, passions, gifts, personality and experiences are not accidental—they are for His glory! This retreat is full of laughter, teaching and reflection. Because it is so content-rich, it is best done in 4 main sessions at a weekend conference, but can be adjusted for a one day conference.

Rest, Refresh, and Worship

Using the “only” Psalm as a springboard (you will have to wait until the retreat to find out which one that is!) and some Old Testament heroes as examples, this retreat is extremely PRACTICAL. Through biblical teaching and one on one interaction, women will examine where they currently are, how biblical rest and refreshment may be different than they imagine, and how to live a life of worship in the day to day. This retreat has times of large teaching and smaller group interaction. It can be more contemplative or more interactive! You choose! It is designed for 2, 3 or 4 main sessions, and it can be done around round tables or regular congregational seating in a morning, day or weekend.

When we talk, we will discuss what would best serve you and your women for your schedule, preferences, and venue.

A few attendee responses to these retreats have been:

  • “I have been at our church women’s retreat every year for 15 years, and this was the best retreat I have EVER attended!” -Attendee in PA
  • “I truly feel UNLEASHED after this weekend! Pray for me… I am ready to change my world! I’m not scared anymore!” -Attendee in WA
  • “Thank you for the depth of your teaching, the encouragement and sincerity of your love, and your passion for God. We will never be the same.” -Attendee in OR
  • “I have walked with the Lord for YEARS, and I never saw this before about my gifts… And I thought I was a spiritual gifts “expert”! I am blown away! This was fabulous!” -Attendee in PA

Shorter Events and Keynotes

If you have a special event where you need a speaker for half an hour to a few hours, I am open for that as well. Some of the shorter sessions I have done are the following:

I’ve Had Enough Lord

An honest prayer (from a prophet!) that can change our heart.

What’s in Your Basket?

Meeting a woman who changed biblical history with her obedience.

When No Means Yes

Waiting well when God seems silent.

Listen to Audio Clips

These clips were pulled from various speaking opportunities over the years. They give a glimpse into the depth, style, and heart behind my teaching. And while they don’t show it, I add some humor too!

The Old Testament: A Dysfunctional Closet?
Passages That Disturb Us
Full Schedules, Empty Hearts
I Wouldn’t Write It This Way
This clip begins with the reading of a passage from 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voscamp.

Custom Events

I am always open to doing custom events if you have a very specific theme. I can only take a limited amount of custom talks each year, but I will always pray through every opportunity!

Booking Costs and Fees

My costs and fees are determined by the scope and size of your event and the amount of sessions I will be teaching. But here are some general ideas:

  • All of my travel expenses to get to/from your event and be part of your event need to be covered (airfare on Delta Airlines or mileage, hotel, meals en route and at the event). You will also cover those same things for one travel companion who will accompany me.
  • I will determine with you a fair honorarium for your event. This will depend on the amount of preparation time and actual presentation time as well as how many women will be attending. I try to keep this as REASONABLE as possible!
  • If you are a part of the C&MA or AW, I have a special rate for you when you use Unleashed or Rest, Refresh, and Worship for your retreat.

I never want money to stand in the way of me taking on an event, so please contact me even if you are unsure of the financial details!