About Me

I was born in upstate New York, but spent most of my life growing up in Virginia. I made a commitment to Jesus as a young girl and we have been on quite a journey together ever since!

I attended college near Pittsburgh, then moved on faith to Billings, Montana as a single woman to pursue ministry there. Within three years I met and married my husband, and we moved to Idaho.

That was in 1999. A lot has happened since! Two kids, two churches, two dogs and loads of adventures! I love to share parts of my story at retreats and events, so I like to keep the details pretty vague here. Suffice it to say that like every woman, there has been a blend of the most wonderful and the most painful of life experiences in these 40+ years. I’d love to share more with you in person.

I love to decorate, I hate mushrooms and beets, and my hair is not really blonde.

We relocated to Lexington, Kentucky from Lewiston, Idaho in 2018, because we serve at First Alliance Church. My husband is the Lead Pastor, and I am the Director of Communications and Connections. I love to serve God and people through both aspects of that role!

I believe God has allowed me to experience a wide range of events and circumstances that are impactful to women in all ages and stages when I have the privilege to speak. I love when God uses my story for His glory. And yet, while I always share relevant parts of my story at events, the bulk of the time is given to sharing God’s Story in Scripture.

A few fun details about me: I love to decorate, I hate mushrooms and beets, and my hair is not really blonde.

About my family

I have been married to the love of my life, Paul, for 25 years. We have been blessed to co-labor at CrossPoint Alliance Church in Lewiston, Idaho and now at First Alliance in Lexington, KY.

Paul is a servant leader in our home, a hands-on involved Dad to our kids, and a gifted Pastor and vision caster with a passion for the local church. He is my favorite pastor to listen to and learn from (and that would be the case even if I was not married to him)! Paul is not remotely handy around the house, and that makes home projects expensive. He loves to golf, and he does not enjoy most desserts which I find difficult to process even after all these years.

We have been blessed with a feisty and funny daughter named Elliott. She is in college and loves singing, working in the church nursery, and hanging out with friends. She dislikes writing thank you notes and eating most vegetables.

Our son Quinn is one of the quirkiest and most caring kids you could ever meet. Never meeting a stranger, he is a friend to all. He loves rubix cubes, Mario Kart, and all things tech. He hates hair gel and board games.

My experience & education

  • Certified Professional Life Coach, February 2024
  • Consecrated and Ordained Worker of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, 2023
  • Director of Communications and Connections, First Alliance Church, Lexington, KY 2019-current
  • Speaker/presenter for numerous national, district-wide and individual church women’s retreats and events all through the Alliance
  • Director of Women’s Ministry for over a decade at CrossPoint Alliance Church, Lewiston, ID
  • Board Member, CAMA Services, from 2015-2018
  • Certified Christian Conciliator from 1997 to 2016, Peacemaker Ministries
  • 2003 Graduate Trinity Seminary, MA in Biblical Counseling
  • 1996 Graduate of Geneva College, BA in Speech and Broadcast Communications, Minors in Public Relations and Business
  • 1992 Graduate of Lynchburg Christian Academy